The love story in Holes is so underrated.

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Fake Pockets: A How To

dude. this comic was made for me.

hhh rest up Manda, don’t force yourself to eat if you can’t!

I didn’t really eat yesterday, which is the main problem. All I really had was half a bowl of ramen because my throat was swollen and it was torture trying to swallow anything. My throat’s a bit better today, it’s just that my appetite is shot, pfft. OTL It’s okay though, I’m just going to go with a bowl of cereal for now!

I love how I was tolerating this flu at least relatively well until it crossed the unforgivable line of ruining my appetite once I finally was able to eat.

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something I did a while ago. 2lazy2save lol
will I properly finish it who knows


My wrist is on fire but it’s finished!!!

There’s something so cool about seeing Sailor Moon and Sailor V together.

Original art by Naoko Takeuchi

Scans provided by Miss Dream